Get ahead of IRS audits and penalties

BEFORE they hit your mailbox

Get peace of mind and protection
againts IRS forced collections.

Comprehensive Ongoing IRS Account Monitoring Service for Taxpayers, Business Owners, and CPAs

  • Detect IRS audits months in advance
  • Mitigate penalties and interests
  • Prevent forced collections before they start
  • Find missed tax credits and refunds for current and years prior IRS filings
  • Strongest compliance to monitor business quarterly estimated payments and payroll deposits
  • CPAs can be their clients’ hero against the IRS without ever having to talk to the IRS themselves

What clients are saying about Tax Crisis Rescue

“Dirk has prepared my business and personal tax returns for 4+ years now and is a total pro. His knowledge, skill and responsiveness have remediated my once complicated tax situation and now makes it effortless to stay on track with the IRS. The peace of mind, protection and advice I receive from Dirk is worth every penny.”

James J.

Creative Executive Director

“Have you ever been on a high board overlooking a big drop into a pool? And you don’t even want to look down, and your heart is racing just thinking about it? That’s how I felt about my tax problem. Dirk was a referral from a neighbor. I had always done my taxes online but this time I needed help. [Hiring Dirk]It is the best thing I’ve ever done! He walked me through step by step until I understood each line. I had a great experience – and will never do taxes without Dirk again.”

Creative Executive Director

“What a relief. Since I hired Dirk to handle my tax problems I haven’t had to worry about what to do next. The stress is gone. He made it possible for me to resolve the issues on my terms.”

Dirk B Danos CPA

Dirk Danos is Louisiana’s taxpayer defender. Dirk has completed advanced level training in tax problem resolution and taxpayer representation. His membership in the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS) and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) designation reflect his commitment to excellence and high standards in taxpayer representation.

As a lifelong resident of Southeastern Louisiana Dirk’s life work is leading Louisiana taxpayers through the maze of tax code to regain compliance affordably. Dirk has fought his own battles with IRS over business taxes, so he knows exactly how you feel. More importantly, he knows just how to get out of trouble.

If you need help with techniques that stop IRS collections, slash the amount of tax you owe, allow you to pay off the IRS on your terms with affordable payments and permanently solve your tax problems then Dirk is your “Go to” professional.

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