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We are a team of highly qualified tax professionals who are equipped with the resources and knowledge to stand up to the IRS. It is our job to help you, the hard-working taxpayers, resolve all your tax problems and be your support system throughout the process.

Tax Crisis Rescue

Tax Crisis Rescue is a team you can trust in. Schedule a FREE confidential consultation today and get the IRS off your back!

Resolve tax disputes quickly with minimal stress.


There are other tax relief agencies out there that claim to provide answers and results, but in then end they only make the problem bigger. Our designation as Certified Tax Resolution Specialist CTRS and membership in the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers ASTPS signifies commitment to excellence and high standards in IRS representation. All of our resolution professionals have advanced level training and are required to adhere to stringent ethical and continuing education requirements. This ensures that you will receive trustworthy advice from a professional with up to date knowledge of IRS procedure.

Services that cover all your tax problems.


Our years of experience has given us the edge in delivering top notch services. We invest in our clients and have helped people, like you, overcome delinquencies, garnishments, liens, levies and more. Rest assured, we’ve mastered the ins and outs of the IRS. Our hands-on approach is thorough and focused. We are committed to helping you manage all your tax problems.

Tax Resolution Service

Offer in Compromise

An out-of-court agreement that gives you an opportunity to pay your debt in a smaller amount, compared to what you originally owed. It’s a compromise that cuts down the total amount to be paid to the IRS.


If an offer in compromise is rejected by the IRS, you can file for bankruptcy as a last resort. This may be your quickest and least expensive option.

IRS Bank Levies

Within two weeks, Tax Crisis Rescue can stop the IRS from taking money out of your bank account by issuing a bank levy release. This will prevent the IRS from taking money they say you owe. Immediate action is required.

IRS Payment Plan

Also known as an Installment Agreement, you can negotiate a reasonable monthly payment that works in line with your budget. If you are unable to pay your debts to the IRS in one full payment you could explore the option of a payment plan with an agreed amount deducted on a set schedule.

IRS Audits

Tax Crisis Rescue can protect you by stopping the IRS from preventing you from exercising your rights through their audit method. There are 3 types of audit methods that the IRS can use, Correspondence (via mail), Office (you go to their office), or Field (you get a surprise visit from the IRS).


A lien is when the IRS holds a claim to any real estate that you own. If you decide to sell and there is a lien on your house the IRS could ensure the net of your proceeds go directly to them. Tax Crisis Rescue knows the stringent criteria required by the IRS so we can help remove the lien for you.

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Customer Testimonials

“Dirk has prepared my business and personal tax returns for 4+ years now and is a total pro. His knowledge, skill and responsiveness have remediated my once complicated tax situation and now makes it effortless to stay on track with the IRS. The peace of mind, protection and advice I receive from Dirk is worth every penny.”

James J.
Creative Executive Director

“What a relief. Since I hired Dirk to handle my tax problems I haven’t had to worry about what to do next. The stress is gone. He made it possible for me to resolve the issues on my terms.”


“Dirk was very quick to respond and that was ultimately what kind of service I needed”


“Have you ever been on a high board overlooking a big drop into a pool? And you don’t even want to look down, and your heart is racing just thinking about it? That’s how I felt about my tax problem. Dirk was a referral from a neighbor. I had always done my taxes online but this time I needed help. [Hiring Dirk]It is the best thing I’ve ever done! He walked me through step by step until I understood each line. I had a great experience – and will never do taxes without Dirk again.”