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Tax Crisis Rescue

Our hands-on approach is thorough and focused. We are committed to helping you resolve all your tax problems.

Dirk B Danos CPA

Dirk Danos is Louisiana’s taxpayer defender. Dirk has completed advanced level training in tax problem resolution and taxpayer representation. His membership in the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS) and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) designation reflect his commitment to excellence and high standards in taxpayer representation.

As a lifelong resident of Southeastern Louisiana Dirk’s life work is leading Louisiana taxpayers through the maze of tax code to regain compliance affordably. Dirk has fought his own battles with IRS over business taxes, so he knows exactly how you feel. More importantly, he knows just how to get out of trouble.

If you need help with techniques that stop IRS collections, slash the amount of tax you owe, allow you to pay off the IRS on your terms with affordable payments and permanently solve your tax problems then Dirk is your “Go to” professional.

We have your back.
From start to finish!

Tax Crisis Rescue was created to offer taxpayers help with protecting their rights and ensuring that they only pay the lowest amount of tax provided for under the law. IRS agents who trample over your rights with devastating financial and emotional consequences can only be stopped if you know your rights and are willing to stand up for them. Most taxpayers are consumed with fear and intimidation when dealing with IRS and need help from someone who is knowledgeable, respectful and determined when dealing with IRS problems. This powerful representation and protection is what Tax Crisis Rescue provides to its clients. Tax Crisis Rescue clients never have to speak to IRS.